Participation Regulations Agreement

CONEX KOREA 2024 Participation Regulations Agreement

[Article 1] Definition of Terms
① "Exhibitor" means companies, organizations and related organizations that have submitted the application form and paid the down payment in order to participate in this exhibition.
② "Exhibition" refers to "The 11th Korea International Construction Equipment Exhibition(CONEX KOREA 2024)".
③ "Organizer" means Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association (KOCEMA).

[Article 2] Participation Fee, Booth Rent Cost
Participation fee refers to the amount including booth rental fee, installation of auxiliary facilities and fee for use (electricity, telephone, internet, water/drainage, compressed air, bar code system, etc.).

[Article 3] Application and Contract
① The application are concluded by registering via online and the contract is established by paying 50% of booth rental fee to the bank account specified by the Organizer as the down payment within 7 days.
② The balance of participation fee should be paid by by June 20, 2024.

[Article 4] Assignment of booth
① The Organizer shall allocate booths in consideration of the order of payment, the size of booth, the exhibitor's past career of participation in CONEX KOREA and the manner the Organizer deems fit.
② The Organizer shall reserve the right to change the space allocated to the Exhibitor at any time prior to the commencement of the build-up of the exhibition should the circumstances require changes. Such changes shall be at the discretion of the Organizer. The Exhibitor shall not claim for compensation as a result of the changes.

[Article 5] Use of Exhibition Hall
① Demonstration or publicity of exhibits should be done only in each booth, and should not harm other exhibitors.
② The height limit for the exhibit is 6m.
③ When exhibitors exhibit goods that are different from the exhibits specified in the application form or exhibit items that do not conform to the nature of the exhibit, the Organizer may order immediate suspension, removal or carrying out. In this case, the participation fee will not be returned and the exhibitor can not claim compensation accordingly.
④ The exhibits shall be carried in, removed, installed and demolished within the period specified by the Organizer. Exhibitors are required to compensate for damages due to delays or damage to the exhibition hall in accordance with standards set by the Organizer or KINTEX.
⑤ Exhibitors are required to compensate for damages to exhibition hall or pollution caused by leakage in accordance with standards set by the Organizer or KINTEX.
⑥ In addition, detailed regulations regarding the use of the exhibition hall shall be followed by the "Exhibitor Service Manual", and the exhibitor shall be responsible for any violation and shall be liable for compensation.

[Article 6] Information provision
Exhibitors shall provide the Organizer with the information necessary for the promotion of the exhibition as well as materials on the installation of exhibits and exhibition equipment so that the Organizer can determine whether the devices and activities within the booth are in compliance with the regulations.

[Article 7] Insurance, security and safety
① The Organizer shall take appropriate security measures for exhibitors and visitors.
② Exhibitors shall be responsible for the safety of workers, resident personnel, and visitors in the booth during the exhibition period, including damage or loss of property such as theft, damage or loss of the goods, and installation and demolition period.
③ Exhibitors shall take measures such as insuring insurance against damage or loss of all facilities and exhibits during the installation and dismantling period as well as during the exhibition period.
④ All the materials in the exhibition hall should be properly disinfected according to the fire regulations. The Organizer may request the exhibitors to correct the fire prevention if necessary.

[Article 8] Cancellation of participation application
If the exhibitor rejects the use of all or part of the exhibition booth, or if the exhibitor does not pay the participation fee on time, the Organizer may cancel the participation application. In this case, the participation fee will not be returned.

[Article 9] Penalty for cancellation of participation and size reduction
If the participant cancels the participation after submitting the application form, he/she shall pay the cancellation penalty to the Organizer at the time of cancellation as follows. The cancellation penalty will be subtracted from participation fee the applicant paid already. the remaining amount of penalty should be paid. However, the surplus will be refunded after subtracting the cancellation fee.
1) Up to 60 days before the exhibition: 50% of the total participation fee
2) 60 days before the exhibition and before the exhibition: 100% of the total participation fee

[Article 10] Reward when changing exhibition
In case of changing or reducing or canceling the date and place due to unforeseen circumstances such as national crisis or natural disasters, the applicant can not claim compensation related to the application for participation.

[Article 11] Supplementary Provisions
① The Organizer may, if necessary, establish supplementary regulations not specified in this Participation Regulations. In such cases, the Organizer shall inform the Exhibitors.
② Exhibitors must comply with KINTEX regulations.

[Article 12] Settlement of disputes
Any dispute arising between the Organizer and the participating companies and any other rights and obligations of both parties shall be subject to the arbitration award of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board in Seoul, Korea and shall not be brought before the court. If any dispute arises in relation to this regulation, the interpretation shall be made in the Korean language first.

[Article 13] Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
The Exhibitor shall not exhibit any product or technology that would infringe the patent or intellectual property rights of other companies. If it does not comply with this, the exhibition will be withdrawn immediately, and the exhibition organizer will not return the exhibition fee to the exhibitor.

Terms of use

Article 1 (Purpose)

These Terms and Conditions are intended to define the terms and conditions of use of the CONEX KOREA Exhibition Services (hereinafter referred to as the "Services") provided by the Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association, the rights, obligations, responsibilities and other necessary matters of the users and the CONEX KOREA site.

Article 2 (Effect and Modification of Terms)

1. The Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers shall be governed by the terms of service provided by the Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers and your use of the Service if you agree to the terms of this Agreement.
2. The Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers may change these Terms and Conditions without prior notice, and the modified terms will be announced to the members through the Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers or e-mail, and will be effective at the same time. If the user does not agree with the changed terms, the user can cancel his / her membership (withdrawal of membership), and in case of continued use, the user consent to change the terms.

Article 3 (Outside Terms and Conditions)

1. Matters not specified in this Agreement shall be governed by the Telecommunications Act, the Telecommunication Business Act, the Code of Conduct of the Telecommunication Ethics Committee, the Telecommunication Ethics Code, the Program Protection Act and other relevant laws and regulations.

Article 4 (Definition of terms)

The terms used in these Terms and Conditions are as follows.
1. Users: Those who receive services provided by the Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers pursuant to these Terms and Conditions.
2. Enrollment: Entering the information on the application form provided by the Korean Association of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry and completing the service use contract by agreeing to these terms.
3. Member: Anyone who has registered as a member by providing personal information to the Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers and who can use the services provided by Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers.
4. Password: A combination of letters and numbers selected by the user himself / herself in order to ensure that the user and member ID are identical and to protect his / her confidentiality in communication.
5. Withdrawal: A member's termination of use contract.

Article 5 (Establishment of Use Contract)

1. The contract of use shall be established by the applicant to complete the registration by recording the required information on the prescribed application form provided by Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers online.
2. The Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers may cancel the subscription for the use contracts falling under any of the following subparagraphs:

1) When you apply using the name of another person
2) When the contents of the contract of use is false or the application is made
3) When another person interferes with the use of the service of the Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers or steals the information.
4) Using the Korea Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Industry Association to prohibit the laws and regulations
5) When the application requirements set by the Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers are not fulfilled
Article 6 (Consent to Member Information Use)

1. Member's personal information is protected by the law of privacy protection of public institutions.
2. Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers's membership information is used, managed and protected as follows:

1) ) Use of Personal Information: The Korea Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Industry Association does not disclose or distribute the collected member's personal information to third parties without their consent. However, if there is a request by a state agency under the provisions of the Act, such as the Basic Act on Telecommunications, a request for criminal investigation, a request by the Information and Communication Ethics Committee, or a request made by other related laws and regulations, This is not the case if you disclose your personal information on the CONEX KOREA site yourself.
2) Management of personal information: You may modify or delete your personal information from time to time in the personal information management of the service for the protection and management of personal information.
3) Protection of Personal Information: Only you can view / modify / delete your personal information, which is managed entirely by your ID and password. Therefore, please do not give your ID and password to others, and be sure to log out at the end of the work.

3. Member's use of the service in accordance with the Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to agree that the Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers shall collect and use the member information described in the application.

Article 7 (Security of Your Information)

1. . From the moment the applicant completes the service procedure for the Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the information you enter, and you are responsible for all consequences of using the member's ID and password.
2. All responsibility for the management of the ID and password is the responsibility of the member. If it is found that the ID or password of the member has been used improperly, it should be reported to the Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers immediately. All responsibility for not reporting is at your own risk.
3. The user must terminate the connection exactly at the end of the use of the Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers service, and the user shall not be liable for any damage or loss arising out of the use of the information about you, The Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association does not bear any responsibility.
Article 8 (Suspension of Service)

1. The Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers may limit or suspend the use of the service at any time if the user has acted in violation of the Terms and Conditions.

Article 9 (Change and Termination of Service)

1. The Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers shall not be liable for any damages arising from any loss or damage that you may incur from using the services or from the services you have provided. We do not take any responsibility for the contents.
2. The Korea Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Industry Association shall not be liable for any damages caused by the user's intention or negligence in connection with the use of the service.
Article 10 (Copyright of the post)

1. You have the right to the contents of the post you posted.
2. The Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers reserves the right to edit and move the posted contents without prior notice.
3. You are solely responsible for any civil or criminal liability arising from your posts infringing the copyrights of others.

> Article 11 (Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers)

1. Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers does not disclose or distribute personal information of members to others without their consent.
However, this shall not apply to cases where there is a request from the relevant country institutions, etc. in accordance with relevant laws and regulations related to telecommunication.

Article 12 (Membership Obligations)

1. The information required at the time of membership registration must be filled in correctly. You must also maintain and update information about you that has already been made to be accurate, and you should not allow members to use your ID and password for third parties.
2. The member shall not be allowed to use any service without prior consent of Korea Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Industry Association.

Article 13 (Prohibition of Transfer)

1. The member can not transfer or give the right to use the service or other usage contract status to another person.

Article 14 (Compensation)
1. The Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers shall not be liable for any damages incurred by members in connection with the services provided free of charge, except for criminal acts committed by the Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers.

Article 15 (Disclaimer)

1. The Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers does not endorse, object or modify comments expressed by members or third parties. In no event shall the Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers be liable for any gain or loss arising from any reliance on information contained in the Service.
2. The Korea Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Industry Association shall not be liable for any goods or financial transaction between its members or between its members and third parties through the service and shall not be liable for the profit expected from the use of the service by the member. We do not bear the burden.

Article 16 (Judge)

1. The laws of the Republic of Korea shall apply to disputes concerning the use of services between Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers and users, and the lawsuits arising from this dispute shall be brought to the courts of the Republic of Korea.
Supplementary Provisions 1. (Effective Date) These Terms will be effective e September 1, 2023.

Privacy Policy

"Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association" attaches great importance to protection of users 'personal information. In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, it protects users' personal information and protects rights and interests, We comply with the personal information protection regulations in the relevant laws and regulations and the personal information protection guidelines established by the Ministry of Information and Communication, such as the Telecommunications Privacy Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, and the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization. The Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association will inform you of the purpose and use of the personal information provided by users through the privacy policy and what measures are being taken to protect personal information.

"Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers" is making every effort to make it easy for users to see the privacy policy at the first page of the homepage.

The privacy policy of "Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers" may change according to the laws and regulations of the government, so please check the revised contents of the protection policy. "Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association" will notify you through the website announcement (or individual announcement) when revising the personal information processing policy. Users should check back frequently when visiting the site.

- Consent to collect personal information
"Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers" shall establish a procedure by which users can click "Agree" or "Cancel" button on the contents of the Privacy Policy or Terms of Use of "Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers" "Button, you agree to the collection of personal information.

- Purpose and Purpose of Collecting Personal Information
"Personal information" means information about an individual who is alive and information that can identify the individual by name, resident registration number (Ipin member is date of birth, gender, IPIN number) Refers to something that can be easily identified and combined with other information even if it can not identify a specific individual.)

"Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers" does not publicly disclose user's personal information without prior consent of the user. The collected information is used as follows:

First, You can develop more useful services based on the personal information provided by users. The Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association will more efficiently prioritize the services to be developed based on the personal information provided by the existing users to the Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association when developing new services or expanding contents. The Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association can provide a reasonable selection of content that users will need

Second, "Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers" sends advertisements and e-mails in order to provide various services. Based on the accurate personal information about users, it is possible to appropriately deliver the mail to each service or menu, "Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers" is another valuable information for users.

Third, The purpose of collection by each collection information is as follows.

1. Name, ID, Password: It is used to identify the applicant for the handling of complaints related to the use of the service, confirmation of duplicate registration, prevention of illegal use, and identification of the applicant for qualification.
2. Whether to receive e-mail, postal code, address, other address, mobile phone, or mailing: Provide communication information such as announcement, confirmation of person's identity, complaint handling, information on latest information such as event information, And so on.

Personal information items and collection methods collected by "Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers"
"Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers" is an online service that provides users with essential information for providing services when they join the membership service. The essential information you need when you sign up is your name, your ID, your password, your cell phone, your email, your affiliation, your address, your information.

In any case, we do not use the information you input for any other purpose other than the purpose stated in advance, and do not leak it out.

Please note that the "Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers" Privacy Policy does not apply to collecting personal information from websites linked to the "Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers" website.

- Retention and use period of personal information
"Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers" keeps the personal information provided by the user while using the services provided to "Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers" as a member of "Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers" and uses it to provide services. However, if you request withdrawal from the membership, withdraw your consent to the collection and use of personal information, and if the purpose of collection and use is accomplished or the period of use and retention ends, we will destroy the personal information without delay.

However, the following information will be retained for the period specified below.

- Record of identity verification: name, mobile phone, affiliation, ID, password, etc.
- Conservation ground: Prevention of crosstalk of use of service, investigation of illegal users, investigation of HARFKO
- Retention period: 1 year

If you need to preserve them in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, we will keep your information for a certain period of time as stipulated by related laws and regulations.
- Internet connection information: Connection log, IP information
- Conservation grounds: Communications Privacy Protection Act
- Shelf life: 3 months
- Records on contract or withdrawal of subscription: 5 years (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce etc.)
- Record of payment and goods supply: 5 years (Consumer Protection Act for Electronic Commerce etc.)
- Record of complaints or disputes of consumers: 3 years (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce etc.)

"Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers" can share personal information of users for better service. In this case, before collecting information or providing information, users will be informed of the organization and organization to share personal information, what information is needed, how it is protected and managed, If you do not agree, we do not collect or share any additional information.

. If you withdraw your consent to withdraw your membership or withdraw your consent to the collection and use of your personal information, we will terminate the personal information without delay if the purpose of collection and use is accomplished or the retention and use period expires.

- Personal Information Management
"Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers" members can use their ID and password to view, modify and delete personal information. If you want to view, modify or delete your personal information, you can go to my page "HARFKO" to view, modify and delete your own personal information. If you ask for personal information manager by e-mail or mail Post processing. "Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers".

Membership information period is from the time of membership to withdrawal of membership.

- Technical-administrative measures related to personal information
The "Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers" takes the following technical measures to ensure the safety of personal information in the handling of personal information by members in order to prevent loss, theft, leakage, alteration, or damage of personal information.

Personal information of users is protected by password. "Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers" Member ID and password are known only to the person. Confirmation and change of personal information is possible only by the person who knows the password. However, if the member requests the change of the password to the "Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers", the person in charge of the personal information management can change the password of the member after confirming his identity. This is not to check and modify the password you have registered, but by changing the encrypted password, you will not know the password you registered even if you are the head of the "Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers". Therefore, you should manage your password carefully.

"Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers" is committed to prevent leakage or damage of personal information of members by hacking or computer virus. We are backing up data from time to time in case of damage to personal information. We use intrusion prevention system to control unauthorized access from the outside, and try to have all possible technical devices to ensure system stability.

"Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers" Personal information manager
"Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers" is doing its best to safely use good information. In case of any incidents that are against the notice to you in protecting personal information, the person in charge of personal information management is responsible.

It is the user's responsibility to maintain the security of the user ID and password. In the "Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers", there is no way to ask the user directly about the password in any way.

The following are the personal information manager of "Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers". If you have any inconveniences or concerns about your personal information, please contact your personal information manager.

- Manager in charge: Seong-In Kang, Excutive Director, Business Support Division
- Contact: Joo-Yeon Sohn, General Manager, Business Support Division
- 48, Soetgol-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, 13551, Korea
- T. +82-31-713-0599,

Company Information

Required items


* Only 4 to 14 alphanumeric characters and special characters (_) are allowed.


* Password must be 8 ~ 20 digits, first character cannot be capitalized.

Confirm Password
Location of workplace
Country of Business
Company Classification
Company name
CEO name
Major item

Flush the entire URL via http: // https: //.

Head office

Exhibition Manager Mail receipt address
Manager's name
Cell phone

Booth Application (Application can not be changed without consultation with the organizer after paying the downpayment.)

  • 1booth : 9㎡ (3m×3m)
  • Minimum Space Only/Custom Booth application : 2 booths
  • Premium shell-scheme booth is applicable for only 2, 3 4 and 6 booths
  • Shell-Scheme booth includes exhibition space, booth device and electricity 1kw per booth
  • The colors for premium type shell-scheme booth are available in blue, green and red. Please see the details of the design and provisions by booth type and size on the manual at the website.

※ Select the booth type.

Type Price per unit Device cost per unit Quantity Price $(USD)
US$3,100 / booth US$0 / booth booth
Shell-Scheme booth US$3,100 / booth US$500 / booth booth
US$3,100 / booth US$900 / booth booth
US$3,100 / booth US$0 / booth booth
  • The down payment(50% of the booth rental fee) should be paid within 7 days after registering online application and the balance(50% of the booth rental fee and utility service fee) should be paid by June 20, 2024.
  • The confirmation of your application and invoice will be sent by e-mail, please check your spam mail folder if you didn't receive them.
  • Please apply for Utility Service and other Compulsory & Optional Application at MY PAGE within each deadline.

"We pledge to comply with the participation regulations and apply for participation as above. ”
(This online application form is accepted at the date of payment of the down payment, and is effective as a contract)

Do not apply for mobile version. Please apply for PC version.