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Demonstration Event

I. Overview

1.  Objectives: To showcase how actual products work in the exhibition space, thereby providing opportunities to effectively publicize products’ performance to prospective buyers.


2. Schedule: October 24 to 27, 2024


3. Venue: Demo Zone in the indoor exhibition space


                                 < Flow Plan of Demo  Zone >



4. Note: Floor plan of demo zone is subject to change


5. Facilities of Demonstration Site

Equipment: Electric power excavators of under 4 tons / for free

* Spec of equipment is subject to change and the details will be announced.

* The applicant company is responsible for purchasing insurance for all demonstration equipment that anyone can drive.

Materials: Soil/Sand, Concrete Blocks, Stons, Logs, etc.

* Sorts and quantities of materials is subject to change and details will be announced.


6. Applied Exhibit

Equipment: Electric power equipment

Attachment: Tilt rotators, Rotating couplers, Grapples, Rippers, etc.

Parts: Leveling system, etc.


7. Demonstrated Operation

Equipment: Driving, turning, unfolding working parts (booms, arms, etc.).

Attachment: Flattening, materials towing and moving, etc.

* No drilling and crushing operations are allowed to protect facilities, materials, and visitors.

Parts: Leveling works, etc.


II. Eligibility and Application Process


1. Eligibility: Exhibitor exhibiting equipment, attachment, parts satisfying the following two conditions:

Exhibitor should have at least a certain number of booths in the exhibition space.

- Equipment: Exhibitor that have at least 20 booths indoors.

- Attachment, Parts: Exhibitor that have at least 6 booths indoors.

The same equipment as those used for demonstrations must be displayed in their own booths.

* Exhibitor is not allowed to participate in demonstrations only without displaying the same equipment indoors.

The organizer will be conducting field checks on the opening day and throughout the exhibition. Exhibitor will be excluded from demonstrations if the same equipment are not in the booth.


* Exhibits in indoor exhibition space may not be moved to the demo zone during the exhibition period.

* Items displayed indoors must be full-size actual products. No miniatures will be accepted.


2. How to apply

Fill out the attached application form and a written oath by email.

Contact: Kyungmin Kim

- e-mail: kkm9603@kocema.org / Tel. +82-70-8661-0813


3. Application Close on May 31, 2024

* Exhibitor planning to apply are required to apply early for prior consultation


III. Confirmation and Setting


1. Confirmation of Participation 

The organizer will receive applications, judge the items and demonstration works and finally confirm to the applicant.

* If an exhibitor wishes to demo multiple items, it may do so within the program slot assigned to the exhibitor.


2. Program of Demonstration Event 

The organizer will set the daily program and confirm it to the applicant

* When confirming daily demo program, the organizer will take item-specific dates and time availability into consideration.

* If many applications, the organizer will finally confirm each demonstrator’s program date and time based on demonstrators’ booth numbers.




Attachment : Plans of Demonstration Event (including forms of application and pledge)